Blue Pearlized Candy Apple
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Blue Pearlized Candy Apple

Blue Pearlized Candy Apple

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If you like the taste and look of our traditional candy apples, but you also like a little more shine to your finished apple look then our pearlized candy apple collection are for you. These apples are made and dipped in traditional hard candy mix then dipped again in a pearlized finish. 

To add more glitz to this apple add our designer Apple Bling Sticks to your order. Then top off the look by adding one of our bows.

* Each candy apple in your order will come individual bagged and closed with a twist tie if you choose not to add a bow.

**Apple size: 3-4 oz. apples (small) Tennis ball size

*** We ship apple orders off to arrive ON the DAY/DATE you select in the calendar. Be mindful when you pick your calendar receiving date.

Candy Apples have a short shelve life (3 days refrigerated)

Caramel & Chocolate Apples have a shelve life (5-6 days refrigerated)

**** Local pick-up orders- we will contact you to discuss pick-up time from our warehouse.